Healthy Living Signature Carpets

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Healthy Living with Silver and Zinc Release

Healthy Living was created for households on-the-go!  It's durable, child and pet friendly and easy to clean.  Best of all, it resists mould and mildew to help households be cleaner and fresher.

While carpet does not create the growth of mould and mildew, foreign particles on any moist surface can promote its occurrence and growth.  Silver Release helps Healthy Living carpets stay naturally fresh and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew using silver and zinc ions.

The Healthy Living Collection offers the most appealing and desirable colours and textural variations for fashion-conscious style families.

This range has been designed with you in mind, offering performance benefits to support your busy and active lifestyle.  Whilst Silver Release technology is already in use in other consumer products, Healthy Living is the first carpet with this technology.

Benefits of Silver and Zinc Release

Healthy Living carpets are the only floor coverings in the world to contain Silver Release anti-bacterial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Bacteria grows by dividing itself and multiplying.  Silver and Zinc which are naturally occurring elements found in nature, stops bacteria from dividing and as a result does not allow the bacteria to grow.

How does it work?

The key to the effectiveness of Silver Release is a unique, balanced combination of Silver and Zinc ions which are built into the carpet.  Based on testing, this process takes place continuously for the life of your carpet, won't wear or wash off and is proven safe for people and pets.

The billions and billions of fibre strands that make up a carpeted room are the perfect host for Silver Release which works 365 days a year, against the formation of bacteria, mould and mildew, resulting in long lasting anti-microbial protection.  Health Living is the carpet of choice for those who put a premium on providing the cleanest, freshest feeling.

You can now roll around on your carpet knowing that it's as healthy, clean and fresh as it can be.

Chromolon - A carpet fibre that has all the answers

Advanced polyester yarn engineering has brought us to the pinnacle of carpet yarns and qualities.  Today's busy lifestyle demands a simple worry-free easy-to-clean home environment; flooring made with Chromolon (the advanced polyester carpet fibre) brings all that plus a great looking luxurious floor to your home.

Chromolon fibre is engineered with inherent stain resistance.  Carpets made with Chromolon are constructed for easy cleaning without compromise on touch and durability.  This new fibre technology will not fuzz or pill, most spills can be quickly cleaned by blotting with warm water and will hold that great colour and appearance.

The newly developed continuous extrusion process of Chromolon creates the ultimate carpet fibre, dramatically increasing the durability and functionality of the carpet.  Stain resistance is engineered into each individual fibre, although the carpet is piece dyed, Chromolon has to be heated to more than 110C before the colour solution is able to enter and bond to the fibre core.  Once the colour is attached, the fibres are slowly cooled to room temperature closing the "door" on stains and locking the colour in each individual fibre.

Carpets made with Chromolon answer all the concerns plus creating a healthy and luxurious environment for everyone in the family yo enjoy.

Chromolon fibre (polyester) absorbs very little moisture, making it inherently resistant to water based stains.  Polyester has excellent resistance to harsh acid based dyes and natural dyed substances and has better than average resistance to string oxidisers (such as chlorine and bleach).  Because polyester is inherent with permanent stain resistant properties it does not require an additive to give it stain resistant properties.

Chromolon Signature Carpets have been treated with a stain blocking agent to assist the spill or soiling to stay on the surface of the fibre to allow for easy cleaning.

Polyester is extremely colourfast to light and ozone gas which means they will resist harmful ultraviolet rays and help the carpet from fading.  As a result the Anti-fade guarantee is 5 year.

The development of Chromolon is intended to enhance and simplify your life and add luxury to your home.  The vivid colours are just one of the inherent characteristics.  Chromolon carpets also come with abrasion resistance, reduced static generation and superior dimensional stability.

Not only does Chromolon improve your home environment, it also improves the world we live in by being recyclable at the end of its life-cycle.  Through a process of shredding, pulverising and washing, the carpet fibres can be recycled back into a wall-to-wall carpet, or another product can be made from the components thus keeping the old carpet out of landfill and reducing the need for more petro-chemicals to be refined!

Ultrapure - A self-renewing odour neutraliser that keeps your home fresh

Ultrapure improves the home environment by eliminating pet, cooking, smoking and many other common household odours.  This technology is bonded to the Chromolon carpet fibres.  It is a non-toxic salt that is laying in wait for the odour molecule to come in contact with your carpet.  The odour is quickly broken down to it's base components typically carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen that are quickly absorbed back into air.  This is a self-renewing inert salt, meaning once it absorbs the odour from your pet, it is quickly ready to conquer the next odour that invades your home.

Simply put Ultrapure is a carbolic salt that acts as a catalyst, an agent that causes molecules and elements to react but is not part of the reaction nor is it consumed by the reaction.  Ultrapure separates the offending molecules eliminating the odour!  Ultrapure is inactive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly and will not harm your pets.