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Sydney Blue Gum Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers Ultimate timber floor

Blackbutt Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers Ultimate timber floor

Jarrah Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers Ultimate timber floor

Brush Box Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers Ultimate timber floor

Spotted Gum Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers Ultimate timber floor

Beautiful Australian Timbers with new State-of-the-Art Technology

No longer does the sheer beauty of a natural timber floors have to be so expensive for you or on our environment. Timbermate Diamond Life Veneers are made from a thin veneer of our beautiful Australian timbers, which is then mounted on HDF board made from sustainable forests. Unlike a printed laminate, with Timbernate no two boards are alike as the veneer is made from actual timber.

Compared to any other solid timber, veneer or quality laminate product on the market Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers are considerably less expensive.

What more can you ask for? Simply visit our showroom at Marrickville. We can supply only the flooring or do professional installation as well.

Heavy on beauty and strength, light on our environment

Diamond Life Veneers is believed to be the best natural timber flooring available anywhere in the world. It is the culmination of much experimentation and exhaustive testing in conjunction with one of Europe's leading coating specialists. This patented state of the art technique provides the hardness needed to produce an extremely strong veneered flooring product with excellent indentation and scratch resistance (test results available). Patent pending No. 2011236087.

Diamacoat 18 Coat System

This "state of the art" technology utilises 19 layers of coating protection over the veneer. The first layer is a super tough Melamine Coating followed by 18 coats of Diamacoat UV Coating (Refer the picture above). The Diamacoat® UV Coating can be re-coated if it eventually becomes dull by simply applying Polycure Australia approved product after being buffed with 320# grid sandpaper (Polycure Aquapro / 8270 Coating).

Highly scratch and wear resistant

Diamacoat is an extremely tough, UV coating over the veneer that protects it from scratching, stains, wear and tear and the drying effects of the harsh Australian sun. It is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. With Diamacoat you can rest assured that the beauty, appearance and shine of the floor will be maintained for many years to come. Unlike laminates, Diamacoat can be buffed and re-coated of it becomes dull.

Environmentally Friendly

Diamond Life Veneers meet E1 standard for the formaldehyde emission rating. test results by the Australian AWTA are available on request.

Advantages and Specification

- Top Layer: natural timber veneer

- Natural Timber look

- Anti-indentation

- Can be re-coatedScratch resistant

- Lower price (compared to solid timber and engineered timber floors)

- High stability

- Uniclic joining system: a patented system that is suitable for both the home handy man or professional builders. Uniclic is internationally recognised for its strength, versatility and durability

- 25 year Residential Warranty

- Grader: Standard & Better

Solid Timber
Engineered Floor
Laminate Floor
Top Layer
Full Solid
2-4mm Natural Veneer
Printed Paper
Natural Veneer
Natural Timber Look
Can be Re-coated
Scratch Resistant

Dimensions per box

- Width: 142 mm

- Thickness: 12 mm 2.045 m2 per box

- Each box will contain the following lengths: 6 boards of 1800 mm, 2 boards of 1200 mm and 2 boards of 600 mm.mm

Available in: 

- Sydney Blue Gum: this beautiful timber with warm colours is ideal for modern architecture or interiors with a classic touch in residential or commercial buildings

- Blackbutt: unique cool blonde appearance which is ideal for giving the impression of more space in smaller rooms.  One of the most popular Australian species which allows a freedom of colour choice with your furniture and furnishings

- Spotted Gum: striking grain with mid to dark brown colours and olive hue which makes every Australian home inviting

- Jarrah: in terms of rich warm colours there is nothing quite like Jarrah.  Deep reddish brown hues, short knotty grain, Jarrah is one of the most striking timbers you will find anywhere in the world

- Brushbox: widely valued for its colours, from rich reddish browns through lighter browns and pinkish grey.  The texture is attractive fine and even, free of gum veins. 


Colour and texture should be taken as an indication only.  This is a natural product and there may be some variations in both grain and timber colour.  UV sunlight may change the colour of different species to varying degrees.

Timbernate Maintenance

Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers timber flooring is economically efficient and simple to maintain to look beautiful for many years. With its Diamacoat UV coating, it offers a durable finish and is scratch and indentation resistant. The following maintenance guidelines will help your Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers timber flooring to look its finest with some preventative care and common sense.

For general cleaning, use a duster, a soft bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner with bristles down to ensure your floor is dirt, sand and grit free. The use of mats at all entrances to your home is highly recommended to prevent excessive amounts of these elements from entering.

When washing your floor, never use a wet mop or flood the floor with water or any other liquid products. Excessive moisture can damage the floor boards and will void the warranty. It is highly recommended to use a well wrung mop to mop over the floor before using a clean towel to remove any excess cleaning water. Do not use household detergents. It is recommended to only use warm water. Wipe up spills immediately as water can cause your floor to cup, swell and gap.

The use of doormats and floor protectors will help to minimise the risk of scratching to your floor. It is your responsibility to maintain the relative humidity in the 50% to 70% range, particularly where climate control equipment is installed. Failure to do so will cause swelling, cupping or shrinking related problems.

Your floor must be protected from direct sunlight at all times. The use of curtains or blinds is a must as direct sunlight will cause aging of the materials and thus a change in colour. As UV sunlight will change the colour of different species of timber to varying degrees, you should periodically rearrange furniture and rugs to allow your floor to age uniformly.

Do not wax your floor. The use of wax will make the floor slippery and dull the finish. It also makes it hard for re-screening later.  

When the timber appears dull and begins to wear out, the entire floor can be buffed with a 320# grid sanding paper and re-lacquered again with normal polyurethane coating as many times as you prefer by a professional tradesman. If there are any damaged areas, the floor boards can be individually replaced by a professional tradesman.

Timbernate Warranty

The flooring comes with a 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty for Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers. This offer is only valid to the original purchaser and installation site from the date of purchase, stating that the top layer shall not delaminate from the HDF board under normal residential use, provided the flooring is laid and maintained according to all instructions provided with the product.

The warranty does not cover problems caused by unprofessional installation and maintenance, excessive moisture, timber colour and grain variation as a natural product, colour change in the timber due to age or from exposure to sunlight. This warranty also does not cover shrinkage, cupping or swelling of the timber.

This warranty does not apply to floors that are installed in areas such as saunas, bathrooms, areas which encounter excessive moisture or high humidity, etc.

The installer must inspect the boards before it is installed as any visible defects after installation are not covered by the warranty.