Complete Timber Floor Maintenance Kit

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Versadet Floor Cleaner Kits

Floor Mop and Buckets

1. Versadet Floor Cleaner (5 litre bottle): Makes up to 400 litres.  Highly concentrated cleaner specifically designed for polished floors.  Positive emulsion cleaner for greasy soils.  Neutral detergent that will not harm surfaces.  Dilution rates: Light Soiling: 1 part to 80 parts water. Medium Soiling: 1 part to 40 parts water.  Heavy Soiling: 1 part to 20 parts water. 

Price: $40 + GST

2. Complete Timber Floor Maintenance Kit with instructional DVD and leaflet: this kit is designed to help keep your timber floor looking its absolute best.  It includes: Gemini timber floor finish with a special mop head, Versadet concentrated cleaner with a mop head, Versadet spray bottle, dust control mop and extended handle. 

Price: $145 + GST

Washable Easy Mop

- No waste physical strength, which makes you tired

- Operates easilyIt can be used on hardwood floor, tiles, linoleum, windows and walls

- Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and living roomsGreat saving of power, time and electricity

- One mop valued ten normal mops - saves you money

- It can be used at home and some commercial or public space, like different kinds of floor, windows, glasses and car wash

- Two spin device which can both wash and dehydrate the mop head

- Automatic control of dry and wet percentage

- It can be used for cleaning and dusting, it dries quickly and saves time

- Patented design which permits the micro fibre mop head to rotate 360 degrees at random

- Unique fibres that clean effectively without scratching floors or other surfaces

Price: $50 + GST