Gemini Timber Floor Polish

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Gemini Timber Floor Finish (Gloss)

Gemini Satin Timber Floor Finish

1. Gemini Timber Floor Gloss Finish (5 litre bottle): ready to use finish on vinyl, lino, timber or rubber floors.  Provides the perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic mark resistance and appearance.  A protective coat which gives a gloss to your floor. 

Coverage: 50-80 m2 per litre.  Price: $80 + GST

2. Gemini Satin Timber Floor Finish (5 litre bottle): an Acrylic Polymers based floor polish designed to provide a durable low gloss finish to timber and vinyl floors.  Easy to apply, fast drying and can be applied over traditional timber seals by conventional means. 

Coverage: $50-80 m2 per litre.  Price: $82 + GST