Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Floors

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Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Ceruse Perfect foundation for both modern and traditional soft furnishing tastes

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Ceruse Delicately refined, demands attention

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Harvest Natura Texturel with matt brushed finishes of the usual gloss

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Harvest The multi-layered texture adds depth with unparalleled beauty

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Barley Warm and alluring, the deep set tones are luxurious and inviting

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Barley Natural light will allow the floor to pop, creating an ambiance that is uncompromisingly beautiful

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Vintage Grey Use candles, lamps and pendants to create an ambient glow, and cut crystal or glass bases to bounce light around

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Vintage Grey The mid-toned grey brings design details, artworks and even people to the fore. Its moody hue comes to life under warm lighting

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique Bold and brass

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique Eye-popping floor which leaves a lasting impression

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique Long and wide boards, expanding the sense of space right before your eyes

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Brushed Antique Flooring which becomes the refined canvas for any style and look

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Champagne creates an awe-inspiring space that radiates modern edge with an eclectic twist

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Champagne Unique in its texture and look, this flooring adds another dimension to space and light

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Brushed Limed White The creamy hue in the lighter shade is purity at its finest

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Brushed Limed White Refined and authentic, it will simply add glamour to any space

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Coffee Warm and inviting

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Coffee The coffee tones add the depth to the floor which is incomparable

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Natural Natural by name, natural by nature with graceless elegance and exquisite allure

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Java Radiates a wonderful homely aura. For true lovers of quality and contemporary living

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Australiana Diverse and exotic hues captivate the eye and embrace you with its warmth and uniqueness

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Australiana Striking in appearance

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Australiana These lavish boards are an impressive addition to any space

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Australiana Rich in colour

Bamboo strand woven pre-finished floor is a versatile, strong and environmentally friendly product.  Unlike typical trees, Bamboo is actually a grass and it takes much less time to grow and mature. It also regenerates from the remaining Bamboo plants after harvesting.  This combination of quick growth and regeneration makes it a very sustainable and environmentally friendly building material.  

The manufacturing process is unique.  After harvesting, Bamboo is separated into strands.  Then the strands are boiled to remove the sugars in the plant, followed by heating and applying pressure. The fact that all the plant is used to make Bamboo floor, reduces dramatically the waste.  Thus Bamboo strand woven is more resource-efficient than horizontal and vertical Bamboo flooring.  

A low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) bonding agent is added at the stage of heat and compression.   The end process produces a very hard plank of strand woven Bamboo.  These planks are then sent to a mill to cut into floor boards.  Bamboo strand woven floor looks and feels like timber.   The boards are finished with 11 coats of hi-tech European SRT (Scratch Resistant Technology) Coating, ensuring it is as resistant as possible to the rough and tumble of everyday life.  And with Quick-Step ARC Bamboo being EO for super low emissions, you can breath easy.

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo Credentials

If you love timber flooring, you will fall head over heels for Quick-Step ARC Bamboo...not just for its good looks, with its long and wide boards, but also for its strength and durability.  And perhaps the most impressive feature of all is that it is sourced from dedicated plantations which are regrown in 5 to 6 year cycles...awarding Quick-Step ARC Bamboo its independent environmental certification from both GECA (Green Environmental Choice Australia) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Quick-Step ARC Bamboo 14 mm solid boards are a generous 1850 mm long and 135 mm wide (1.267 m2 per pack).  With its solid construction, Quick-Step ARC Bamboo is stable, incredibly indentation resistant, almost completely insect resistant, easy to clean and maintain and can be sanded and re-finished in years to come...just like a timber floor.


Quick-Step ARC Bamboo is profiled on all four sides and utilises the world's best glueless click flooring system - Uniclic.  This makes for a quicker, easier and more versatile installation without having to compromise on quality.


You can enjoy your new floor with absolute peace of mind.  Quick-Step ARC Bamboo carries a comprehensive Lifetime Structural Warranty and a 25 year Residential Wear Warranty (Conditions apply).   The sustainability, durability, high hardness (15 kN) and natural beauty of Quick-Step ARC Bamboo strand woven floors, make it a popular choice for home owners, builders and renovators.  It is a very popular combination with our Kitchens design.

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About Quick-Step

Quick-Step is an international brand in flooring, active in more than 100 countries.  Established in Australia in 1995, Quick-Step flooring has become Australia's leader in design, innovation and quality. 

All ARC products are fully FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and GECA (Green Environmental Choice Australia) certified, meaning Quick-Step only uses well-managed forests for its resources.  For more information on Quick-Step click the following link: