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Cypress solid timber floor

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Australian Beech solid timber floor

Quick-Step ReadyFlor White Oak 3 Strip Low Sheen

Solid timber floor

Timber floors have always been held in high regard for their warmth, beauty and durability. Thanks to plantation timbers and sustainable forestry management practices, the Australian hardwood timber industry continues to boom.

A popular choice for architects and interior designers, our range of solid timber floors provide aesthetic and versatile solutions to commercial and domestic flooring applications. Planet flooring can supply solid timber flooring T&G in 19mm (structural flooring) and in 12mm (Non-structural flooring or Overlay).

Our timber floors are kiln dried. The traditional strip flooring 19 mm can be installed directly onto joists, battens or plywood over concrete using secret nailing or top nailing. Overlay 12mm can be laid over existing floors, plywood or particle board. Parquetry is in the same group of solid timber floors because it is manufactured, treated and laid in the same way. Parquetry comes in two types - block and mosaic, small solid timber blocks, which are laid to give a certain pattern on the floor. Block parquetry is typically 260 x 65 x 19mm or 260 x 65 x 14mm.


Janka rating is measured in kilonewtons and it is a measure for wood to resist indentation. The higher the rating, the harder the timber. For high traffic select timbers with higher hardness or Bamboo, which has hardness higher than any other timber species.

Dry density

The dry density is based on a moisture content of 12%. It is measured in kg/m3.


Durability of timber is the ability to perform its task when exposed to hazards such as decay (fungi) and insects (termites and borers). Timber species are given a durability classification based upon their expected service in the ground or outside above the ground.

Class 1: High rating, expected service life outside above ground: more than 40 years.

Class 2: Reasonably high rating, expected service life outside above ground: 15 to 40 years.

Class 3: Moderate rating, expected service life outside above ground: 7 to 15 years.

Class 4: Low rating: expected service life outside above ground: less than 7 years.

Grade of timber

  1. Select grade: elegant and stylish look through the floor with minimum natural timber features, suitable when you want to match the floor to its surrounds
  2. Character grade: this grade has many natural timber features, such as knots, gum veins and insect holes. If you like a rustic type of flooring, character grade will give you the warmth of country style.
  3. Standard grade: a grade which is between select and character.
Even the most beautiful timber will not look good if laid poorly. Planet Flooring has a team of qualified and experienced tradesman to install your floor.


Timber products of a particular trade description vary as to grain, color, hardness and other characteristics. If the customer wishes to match the characteristics of any product, it shall be its responsibility to purchase sufficient quantities of the product to allow it to select and match the product.

The timber floors you have seen in a showroom, on a friend's floor or in a photo are great for a guide, but do not expect an exact match. Timber is a natural product and no two trees are alike. As a result, there will always be variances in colour and grain structure.

The sapwood of many hardwoods can be much lighter than adjacent heartwood and some boards may contain both light and dark colours. Even within a single species and within individual trees large colour variations can occur. The age of the tree can have a significant influence on the colour with younger timber often being lighter than more mature timber.

The product supplied may differ in colour to showroom samples and this should be considered before you select your timber. Due to this, it is also preferable that flooring is supplied from one manufacturing source and that the packs are of similar age.